Dry-Aged beef

Beef needs time to offer us all its qualities. The Dry-Aging is key in that. And at Pujol’s we Dry-Aged with a unique process in the world. We get the Dry-Aging old tradition back and we include knowledge and advanced techniques improve the quality of the meat.


Scientific studies recommends a minimum Dry-Aged of 14 days. It is true that meat has shrinkage but this process allow us to perceive significant changes in taste, tenderness and juiciness.


Temperature control and stability are key to an optimal enzymatic provess. A wrong temperature slows down or speeds up this process.


Humidity stability is essential to control the microbial metabolism. A wrong humidity slows down or speeds up this process.


The air flow and ventilation in the Dry-Aging room are essential to avoid the bacterial growth as well as for avoiding bad odor which could alter the meat quality.

Dry-Aged time frames

Our speciality is Dry-Aging beef and we Dry-Aged the meat depending the customers requirements: some customers prefer 30 days while other prefer long Dry-Aging time frames up to 365 days which allow beef some unique and incredible nuances.

The Dry-Aging advantages ara flavor and tenderness. But it is the flavor the one which exhibit the deepest changes with long Dry-Aging time frames.

Dry-Aging days
30 days
Dry-Aging days
50 days
Dry-Aging days
75 days
Dry-Aging days
100 days
Dry-Aging days
365 days
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