Dry aged like
no other beef in the world

At Pujol’s we developed a unique dry aging method: it allow us to obtain
high quality, extra tender, super juicy and an unmatched flavor steaks.

Temperature control and stability are key to an optimal enzymatic provess. A wrong temperature slows down or speeds up this process.
Humidity stability is essential to control the microbial metabolism. A wrong humidity slows down or speeds up this process.
Air flow
The air flow and ventilation in the dry aging room are essential to avoid the bacterial growth as well as for avoiding bad odor which could alter the meat quality.
Unmatched flavor

Dry aging in Sallent

… less than 3 km from a salt mountain, which offers us a unique microclimate in the world.

In Sallent (Bages) we are lucky to have an exceptional microclimate: the very dry north component wind from the Pyrenees caresses the saline debris of the salt mountain and carries the particles of potassium and sodium chloride creating an ideal saline environment for the dry aging of beef.

We dry aged the beef according the needs of our customers

The benefits of dry aging are flavor and tenderness. But it is the flavor the one which exhibit the deepest changes with long dry aging.


Mild dry aging


Balanced dry aging


Intense dry aging


Extreme dry aging